B.sc -2nd (Differential equation Helping vedios)

 1).Bessel's Differential Equation

2).Series Solution of Legendre’s Differential Equation

3).Legendre's Polynomial - Orthogonal Properties

4).Bessel's Function | Orthogonal Property 

5).Series Solution of Differential Equation | Ordinary Point and Singular Point 


Series Solution of Differential Equation

6).Legendre Polynomials | Generating Function of Legendre Polynomial

7).Bessel's Function - Generating Function

8).Series Solution of Differential Equation | Frobenius Method (A example)

9).Radius of Convergence of Power Series ( Here "x" is replaced with "z" rest is same)

10).Legendre's Polynomial - Imp Solved Questions

11). Rodrigues Formula

12). Laplace transform

13). First Shifting theorem

14). Laplace and Convolution theorem

15).  Application of Laplace transform (differential equations)

16). Second Shifting Theorem

17). Proof of Convolution Theorem

18). Important Examples of Application of Laplace

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